Our Experience

Coracle Consulting is headed up by Tim Bishop, who has specialised for 20 years in brokering and implementing cross-sector partnerships, as well as international development programme and strategy design.

Tim is based in Saigon, Vietnam, and has extensively traveled the region with his work, as well as delivered various consultancy assignments in East Africa and parts of the Middle East.

The inspiration behind the Coracle brand was seeing how innovative and resourceful the local coracle fishing boats are in Vietnam. Circular in shape, made from strong but lightweight bamboo, their design ensures they do not disturb the water or the fish, and can be steered with one arm whilst the other works the net.  

What we Offer

Coracle offers tailored training and advisory services that help improve, in particular, the quality of Non-Profit and Business partnerships which seek to address social and environmental challenges.

If you are either a Non-Profit or a Business, Coracle will provide your organisation brokerage services to help source and forge quality partnerships, in addition to capacity building for your teams on all aspects of cross-sector partnering, and guidance on innovative programme design, strategy development and team building more generally.

Coracle Partners